Franchise consulting

ARSS is a specialist franchise consultancy that provides advice on all aspects of franchising and licensing. We provide services to both companies interested in franchising their business and to the established franchisors.
Our mission is to provide clients with individual, tailor-made solutions corresponding to their particular needs connected with creating and operating franchising, agency, licensing, and distribution systems.

Thanks to our wealth of practical experience coupled by extensive theoretical knowledge, we have become a leader in the field of consulting in franchising and licensing.

We receive a majority of our commissions as a result of recommendations coming from our clients or partners, both Polish and foreign, or from participants of trainings or workshops we have conducted.

Our clients are existing franchisors whose position on the market is well-established, companies that wish to use our expertise and experience while preparing and implementing a franchising package, and also foreign franchisors whom we assist in finding Polish partners and in the adaptation of their operational solutions to the requirements of Polish legal and business environment.


Because franchising is our specialty. ARSS is a team of specialists in franchising whose operation is based on building long-term relations with clients, more than 20 years of hands-on experience in franchising, over 200 complete franchise offers prepared and international prizes and rewards.

The position of a leader makes us committed not only to offering top level services, but also to preserving high moral standards in providing consulting services. In order to fulfill our commitments, we begin each project with conducting an audit, which allows us to estimate the chances of creating an efficient franchise system. We do believe that our role is not limited to providing theoretical knowledge. Acting in cooperation with the client, we work out and implement solutions that will ensure the client’s future success. That is why, as early as its initial stages, we want to ensure that a project can become a success, i.e. as a result of its implementation a franchise system will be created that is based on a recognizable franchisor’s brand and its know-how which has been tested in practice.

Years of experience in franchising
Developed franchise offers
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Our services

Franchise feasibility studies

Development of the franchise package​

Formulation of franchisee fee structure

Development of franchising business plans

Drafting franchise agreements

Franchisee recruitment

Development of franchise network
and support of franchisees

Franchise Media

We publish website in English and portal and Franczyza&Biznes printed magazine in Polish, which are reliable and independent sources of information about Polish franchise market. In our media we publish news about new franchise offers, analytical articles and detailed reports on Polish franchise market as well as advices for potential franchisees.

Advertising franchise offer in our media is an effective method of attracting new franchisees.


Our clients


The training entitled “Company development through franchising” is designed for companies that are beginning to create a franchising system, while the training entitled “Effective management of franchise system” is targeted at already established franchisors. Besides the above, we offer tailor-made trainings, suited to our clients individual needs, conducted both in the form of training blocks and workshops.

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